Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend events

So this weekend was a great training weekend:

Saturday I drove over to Durango and did the A ride(as long as possible anyway), which was only 40miles but with lots of climbing in those 40miles.  We finished with a killer sprint and I blew up about the time we were supposed to sprint! haha! My heart was about to explode!!! I was so mad that I didn't get to sprint after such a great ride but none the less, more training in the bag right?!

That afternoon we headed out for Albuquerque for the New Mexico State Crit Championships.  I didn't know what to expect, if racing would be harder, different, whatever out west.  When we got to the course, I recognized a couple of girls from Tour of the Gila and figured I would have my work cut out.  Either way, I needed it to be hard for a productive, butt kickin weekend.  The course was flat, nothing special but the weather was trying to play a factor.  It was raining for a while in the previous races but cleared up for our race and it is so dry here, the road dried up in no time!

There wasn't a big field of us but the race organizers had a box FULL of goodies to hand out during the race and it made the race go from the gun! They offered a prim on the second lap and after I settled in, I hammered it from lap 3:) The group caught me and I rested a couple of laps and attacked again.  It was a lot of fun! And I won:)!

After the women's race I got a bit more water, talked strategy for a minute, then spun around till the start of the men's 3/4 race.  I figured I ought to be a bit more conservative in that race w/ the boys:)  It started the same way as the women's, offering a prize/prim on the second lap and the guys weren't to excited about it, so I went for it! I got it! I sat up and waited for them to catch me cause I knew this was only the beginning of a long 45min +3laps.....

A couple of guys attacked and I was able to stick with em and then a group caught us and the majority of the race was a break of about 10 of us and we stayed away the entire time.  I won a couple other prizes and made it till 2 laps to go and by then I was toast......

All in all a GREAT weekend, today is an easy day, then keep going hard this week!

Here is a pic of the great swag I won!!! I told the race promoters and organizers thank you more than once for all the great stuff!!! How nice!

I also wanted to say thank you to the kickstand bike shop for all the goodies they donated.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tentative Schedule:)

Yesterday I spent just about the entire morning trying to figure out some sort of race schedule.  I'm not forcing racing but I am itching and looking forward to racing motivates me in my training.  So after a couple of searches locally, figuring out Nationals and hoping for a ride at Cascades here is my plan.....

June 27:Durango group ride(which is like racing due to the individuals who are in this ride).
June 28: Criterium in Albuquerque(4hr drive).
Train and motorpace till July 12, which includes Thursday night time trials and Durango group rides if possible with July 4th.
July 17th -19th: Sometime in there travel to Bend, OR for Cascade, stay till Nationals which is there as well till August 2.
August 13: Fly to Downers Grove, IL for National Crits.
Sept. 1: friend flies in so we can drive back to MS on Sept. 2/3
Sept. 5: MSU vs JSU football game
Sept. 6: Drive to Atlanta
Sept. 7: Atlanta 10K race
THEN HOME:) Of course, this is ALL tentative;) haha! Subject to change at any given time.

And one or two pictures of my pup for fun.....oh and some yard art;)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


So I haven't had a whole lot to write about lately, I've just been training, hanging out and enjoying the life of a cyclist.  It seems I'm riding so much more now than I ever had and there are days when you don't want to get off the bike and then there are those you don't even want to pedal one more time around.  But thank goodness I have a lot more days that I enjoy that those I don't.  I enjoy seeing what my body transforms to, I enjoy the feeling after an intense workout and I enjoy the satisfaction of achieving another day's goal.

I'm hoping to race again sometime soon, until then I will use group rides and practice time trials as race simulation.  

In closing, I took this picture yesterday with my iphone while I was walking Miller.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well I guess I'm officially tweeting now:) Gotta stay up with the times eh?!  So anyway, they are pretty random sometimes I'm sure, but if you know me that is not uncommon right?

So I was trying to get a guest ride to Nature Valley Grand Prix but it didn't pan out, so I'm still ramping up the training.  I was thinking about going to New Mexico for a road race and crit or stay in town and do the group ride in Durango and maybe take in the Dolores River Festival,  So many options!:)

Y'all have a great day!