Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cascade and post race

Let me just say that Cascade Cycling Classic was awesome! It felt like a break through ride for me, I got in breaks, I attacked, and I placed in the top ten one day-success!! I had a blast!

Check out cyclingnews.com for results and race reports. Sorry, I was too tired to post everyday:)

So after Cascade, on Sunday, we drove to Portland to spend some quality time with some of our sponsors and participate in a couple of group rides. On Monday, we went to Nossa Familia coffee shop to do a meet and greet and did a group ride. After the ride, they had a keg of Ninkasi beer for us and we sat on the front porch of someone's house and enjoyed the afternoon with friends and beverages:)

Tuesday we drove to Eugene, visited Rolf Prima Wheels warehouse, participated in another group ride(loads of chics on bikes:)),raced in the Tuesday night crit, then went to Ninkasi for more beer drinking and a tour of the brewery-cool!!!! Eugene is a cool town, another one I could add to my list of favorites-it just had some really cool coffee shops and vintage shops, lots of cyclists, great roads and some really cool people:) Which brings me to a question.....wonder where I will settle down and call home????

Wonder if I will ever move back to MS???? hmmmm

Anyway, I digress......so today-Wednesday, I'm back in the airport trying to fly standby to get home and worn out.....hence me not being able to focus on one subject and finish a complete sentence:) sorry....

Next up-a break~3-5 days off the bike. Time to be a tourist in town:) Take Miller to the river, hike, check out some things-then it is back to work, there is still a couple of races to do and then maybe onto the track. I will ride my bike till it snows, then I will take a longer break before thinking about 2011.

ok....when I'm not so tired, I will post more and hopefully it is something worth reading, until then:)....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bend again:)

I can't tell you guys enough just how much I love this place! This is now my 4th time to be in Bend and I'm loving it more and more.....:)

This race is gonna be a hard one but I'm totally looking forward to it. It is kind of bitter sweet because this is the last stage race of the year. So even though I will be doing one day races with the team after this it feels like it's over, I'm sad......whoa were did the time go?????

It seems like forever ago that I was at my first team camp, then San Dimas, then Redlands...then it starts to blur a bit:) But man what a great time I've had, even the bad days.....jeez...I totally made the right move to quit the ole 9 to 5er and go for it. I'm looking forward to racing as much as I can till the end of the season, whenever that is.....and I'm just hanging on to all the awesome memories!!!

But back to today....this race...it's gonna be hard/fun/fast.......let's do it!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Wonder if Miller would wear these?
Post race chillin
The Hillside Girlz!
The week I got home, I had a visitor from home-my buddy, Andrea Wilson. She had driven across the country to do a race in Breckenridge this past weekend and she needed a place to stay for a couple of days before heading up to the race venue. I gladly offered up Dolores as the coolest town ever to stay in:)

So Andrea was so kind as to pick me up at the Durango airport at 10:30 Monday night, then we drove the hour drive home and called it a day, plus I got to see my baby boy-Miller was SO excited to see me:)

For the next couple of days, I had easy rides and Andrea had some business to take care of, i.e. bicycle stuff, so we got to hang out and drink a couple of cold ones and visit my friends for dinner before she left on Thursday morning.

As for this past weekend, I didn't have any big plans until Karen asked me if I wold be the bike leg of a relay team for a triathlon.....whoooo sounds like fun! A chance to ride my TT bike without any pressure AT ALL and have a good time with friends! I'm in! We had a blast! Karen swam, I biked and Terra ran- we were the Hillside Girlz! We got second place to a group of guys by seconds, ahhhhh. So to celebrate, I took a nap, then Michael and I went to Lance n Karen's for a cookout and to watch the replay of the tour(Tour de France). I was asleep by 10......whoa big partier:)

Maybe I'll jump in the river again today with my all my cycling stuff on...hmmmm