Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's been a while and I apologize....I've been training and getting ready for Nationals, which turned out to be a great weekend for myself and the team.  We took home 2 National Championship jerseys and I was second in both the criterium and the road race.

The criterium was flat and mostly the same course from last year but with some added corners, it made it a bit more fun!  And thank goodness there were no storms to cut the race down!  There were crashes however and I felt for a couple of people because the race hadn't gone 5 pedal strokes from the start line and there was a BAD crash - dang! So we were neutralized on the FIRST lap!! We stopped and restarted after the girl was taken off the course.

The race was pretty uneventful until the last 10 laps or so and then teams started attacking to either try for a break or string out the field but it was all together in the last lap(thanks to some hard work from TIBCO) and right when Sam was throttling the pace back up hard on the back side, Alison Powers comes by with Gokey-Smith, Carmen and Theresa on her wheel, so I jumped to that train.  Theresa jumped right before the last turn and I jumped with her, with Powers and the other three on the inside and Theresa and I on the outside of the turn.  The picture below is going into the last turn and Theresa had the jump on me but  I did my best to close and come around but it was just a little late with a close finish line photo.  Carmen came in third, Powers in 4th and my teammate Sam in 5th, winning the U23 jersey.

Photo credit - Jonathan Devich
 This is the morning before the road race.  Meredith had fake tattoos from California and we had fun being a team and sticking them on.  Another second for me that day as well, with my teammate Megan taking the win.  I have a video on FB that I've shared that has the finish.

Going into the last 1k, Optum was leading out Carmen, with Alison on her wheel, followed by Megan and then myself.  Megan jumped and I got on her wheel and stayed there to make sure no one was coming around her.  It was fun to watch her celebrate and to be second to my teammate was a blast!!!

 Now (6-21) we are in Milwaukee, WI for Tour of America's Dairyland, 4 days of criteriums and then I'm headed back to the smoke filled Colorado.  These pictures are from Lake Michigan, it was beautiful!!! We start racing tomorrow!
I just finished reading Unbroken, what an amazing book!!! READ IT!!!! HOLY COW!!! True story of a POW from WWII.  So keeping in the WWII theme I've picked up my next read...see below.

Listening: Alan Jackson, So You Don't Have To Love Me Anymore
Reading: Lost in Shangri-La by Mitchell Zuckof
Watching: cars roll by, I'm sitting in a Starbucks for the Internet.... ALSO watching the fires in Colorado :(
Eating: for breakfast - Yogurt, granola, raspberries and bananas

Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 season part 2

The second half of the season is about to go into full swing:
Road National Championships in a couple of weeks
Cascade Cycling Classic
Elk Grove
Track National Championships
Aspen women's race

That will be the end of August and then what? I will look for more racing at least till the end of September and maybe on to a track program in the fall/winter before the off season rolls around.

I'm so thankful for this break, my townie bike has gotten a lot of use - back and forth to the market(5 whole blocks) - Miller has gotten to swim in the river a lot and I've gotten to evaluate the first 1/2 of the season.  

Next, I look forward to the upcoming months of racing to see what results I can get and what I can do for the team, also, hopefully I can squeeze in some family time back home in MS.

Some questions for you -the reader.

What races would you like to see me do?
Any questions I can answer regarding racing/bikes/training/eating?
Who do you think the most well known US female racer is? Why?
What is your favorite race?
What would you like me to write more about?

Reading: nothing, I'm in between books and I'm not paying $6 for the Sunday NYT's
Listening: Town Mountain, I'm on Fire
Eating: Tuna salad salads
Watching: French Open
Feeling: relaxed - sitting outside, wind is blowing, music is playing, my feet are kicked up.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rest and reset

Finally a chance to rest a!!  Just finished Liberty Classic in Philly and it was AMAZING!!! Such a good experience, the crowds are over the top!!!!

It's been since the first part of March since I've had a break, so you know I'm totally taking full advantage of it.  Sleeping in, massage, chiro, yoga, juicing good fruits and veggies, spending time with my dog  - RESTING and RESETING:)

Reading: NYT's
Watching: Happy Endings - pretty funny show
Eating: Pad Thai - yup even at home!!! Pad Thai Challenge!!!
Listening: Ho Hey by The Lumineers
Feeling: relaxed